Support Policies



1. Problem resolution times can vary depending on the type and complexity of the problem. The Analysts will attempt to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If a question requires extensive research or configuration of hardware/software the resolution time will lengthen to a few days. On some occasions, if there is no readily available workaround or a solution depends upon a bug fix or enhancement that will only become available in a future release of the product, it may take longer.


2. If users call Technical Support with problems related to unsupported product versions or components, they will be asked to upgrade or change the component. Technical Support will only test the problem on supported components. If the problem is reproducible on supported components, the issue will be carried forward on the supported component. The resolution of the problem on the supported component may or may not resolve the problem on the unsupported component. All support effort will follow Esri's Supported Environment Policy.


3. To keep pace with the emerging IT development and new technologies, Esri GIS software will be upgraded to newer versions. Users are encouraged to upgrade their Esri GIS software to enjoy new features and functionalities when software upgrade is available. With new release of software, former versions will be unavailable and technical support resources will be limited. Esri designed the Product Lifecycle Support Policy [PDF] which helps communicate to Esri users the technical support resources available during a product's life span and to provide advanced notification of planned changes to available support options. All support effort will follow Esri's Product Lifecycle Support Policy [PDF], please refer to the Esri Product Lifecycle Webpage for details.