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  • 從防務到稅務
    ArcGIS StoryMap of the Month

    Socio-Economic Inequality below Floods

    Mapping Socio-Economic Risks of Future Compound Flood and Unequal Flood Vulnerability in Hong Kong under Different Climate Change Scenarios

  • 探索梅窩 - 植物篇
    ArcGIS StoryMap of the Month

    Green TOD Viability Boosting Smart HK Mobility

    Investigating the Spatial Relationship between Green TOD and Smart Mobility in Hong Kong

  • Save people from the concrete barriers
    ArcGIS StoryMap of the Month

    Elderly Population Internal Migration and Habitability in HK

    Analysis Based on Relocation Models, Habitability analysis, and Policy Recommendations

  • Plan Smart; Build Smart
    ArcGIS StoryMap of the Month

    Rebuilding Hong Kong’s Old Building Stock: Trends & Impact

    How Neighborhood-Level Redevelopment Intensity Prediction May Inform the 2030+ Plan

  • Geographical Information System in School
    ArcGIS StoryMap of the Month

    Fresh Pick "ATM"

    An sustainable system connecting food with vulnerable groups, reducing food waste and enhancing residents' well-being.

  • 元朗休憩用地的研究
    ArcGIS StoryMap of the Month

    Unveiling Food Swamp in Hong Kong

    Every Step Towards Nutritious Eating is a Leap toward a healthy future!

  • Mouse Plague in Hong Kong
    ArcGIS StoryMap of the Month



  • 深水埗區的宗教建築
    ArcGIS StoryMap of the Month




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