GeoAI Helps Spot a Missing Hiker


GIS and GeoAI contributed to saving a life during a mountain rescue operation carried out by the Fire Services Department (FSD) in October 2023 in Hong Kong. LifeSparrow Solutions Limited, a member of the Esri Startup Program, has developed a cutting-edge search and rescue (SAR) solution by integrating drones, an AI algorithm, and GIS. Partnering with FSD, the solution has been turned into a real-life application that helped narrow down the search area, which optimized manpower and resource allocation when searching for the missing hiker in Ma On Shan Country Park.


By partnering with LifeSparrow, FSD developed a SAR solution that can analyze drone images. It is capable of analyzing over 1000 images in about two hours, covering an area of approximately 1 kilometer square. Compared with the traditional method of analyzing drone images with the naked eye, it is 75% faster to complete the analysis of the drone images.


Esri China (Hong Kong) is excited to learn that LifeSparrow, a member of the Esri Startup Program, has made a significant contribution to a successful life-saving mountain search and rescue operation. The Esri Startup Program is expressly for early-stage startups migrating or building ArcGIS mapping and location intelligence into their software product, hosted solution, or content offering. Companies should be founded within the last five years and generate less than $2 million US annually.


You may visit the Esri Startup Program to learn more about the program benefits. 


LifeSparrow, a member of the Esri Startup Program, demonstrated the ability of GIS and GeoAI in a successful mountain search and rescue operation.