New Book Smart City 5.0 Releases


We are living through a rapid transformation in the era of digitalization driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Our next generation faces challenges in a global and local context, from climate change to urban vulnerability. How can we cope with these challenges? Dr. Winnie Tang, founder and chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong), recently published her latest book Smart City 5.0 in November 2023 to discuss the practical implementation of sustainability in our city through the adoption of GIS technology and innovative solutions.


The fifth volume of the “Smart Cities” series – Smart City 5.0 was published in November 2023.


Smart City 5.0 is the fifth volume of Dr. Tang’s “Smart City” series, which features six unique global case studies that associated with the six pillars of smart city development. Dr. Tang explores how geospatial intelligence, integrated with the latest technologies, can be applied to the six pillars, namely governance, mobility, environment, economy, living, and individual aspects to construct a truly people-centric and sustainable smart city.


Building upon the foundation of Smart City 3.0 and Smart City 4.0, the latest publication Smart City 5.0 delves deeper into the challenges of implementing sustainable practices in urban development. This forward-thinking approach aims to tackle pressing issues such as climate change, decarbonization and the need for improved efficiency in an aging workforce. Innovative technologies like GIS continue to play a crucial role in achieving these goals.


Dr. Winnie Tang’s “Smart City” series is available online for free. Please click here to explore more.