Education Commission Seminar Nurturing

Future-ready Children


The Education Commission held the “Shaping the Education for Future” seminar to explore the role of education in fostering students' well-being in the digital age.  The seminar brought together a host of academics and experts from the education and innovation and technology professions, attracting 200 participants to join the event. Dr. Winnie Tang, founder and chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong), and non-official members of the Education Commission, had a fruitful exchange of ideas at the panel discussion. 



Dr. Winnie Tang, founder and chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong) (center), pointed out that GIS education can help students better prepare for the booming technology development.


The rapid advance in technology has profoundly affected our manpower market but at the same time brings about myriad opportunities. In a panel discussion moderated by Prof. Cheng Kai-ming, Professor Emeritus from the University of Hong Kong, Dr. Tang, together with Mr. Eugene Fong, Chairman of the Committee on Home-School Co-operation, Mr. Stark Chan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bull.B Technology Limited, and Mr. Stanley Kam, Principal of HKSKH Bishop Hall Secondary School, discussed the topic of “Nurturing Future Ready Children”. Dr. Tang pointed out that with the adoption of GIS and coding education in primary and secondary schools, children can equip themselves with 21st-century skills and enhance their competitiveness.



Students presented a carbon neutral farming project to Dr. Winnie Tang.