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Immersive Cave powered by ArcGIS

showcased at CIExpo


Have you ever tried the Immersive Cave to experience a 3D Hong Kong powered by the ArcGIS Game Engine API and Lands Department’s Open Data? At the Construction Innovation Expo (CIExpo), Esri China (Hong Kong) offered visitors a chance to taste the excitement of being inside an Immersive Cave powered by the ArcGIS Game Engine API. The Cave showcased a dynamic 3D Hong Kong just like the real world you interact with, where safety and operation training can be conducted inside. 



Immersive Cave powered by the ArcGIS Game Engine API was showcased at CIExpo.


GIS is advancing construction digitalization by utilizing the Common Data Environment (CDE), Smart Site Safety System (SSSS), GIS-BIM integration, and more. At the construction digitalization flagship event, our Company demonstrated the state-of-the-art ArcGIS technology for construction digitalization on the main stage with the topic  “GIS Empowering Construction Digitalization for a Sustainable Future”.  Construction Digitalization powered by ArcGIS technology will be a great leap forward in providing an efficient and safe work site environment. Visit our brand-new AEC Webpage to find out more


Visitors found the Immersive Cave ideal for construction site safety and operation training.




Our senior GIS Consultant gave a presentation at the CIExpo to introduce ArcGIS technology for construction digitalization.