GIS Day & Geography Day

Promote Geospatial Thinking


Geography helps us to understand and engage with the world – both the natural and the built environment. GIS is a system that creates, manages, analyses, and maps all types of geospatial data. GIS Day and Geography Day are two signature events to celebrate these two interconnected and interlocked disciplines.


GIS Day is an annual event worldwide celebrating the art of GIS. The year 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of our Company, we celebrated GIS Day on November 16, 2022, by spreading our Company’s silver jubilee WhatsApp/Signal stickers. Moreover, the Hong Kong Geography Day was jointly organized by the Department of Geography, University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Geography Association on November 26, 2022. Sr Paul Tsui, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Esri China (Hong Kong), received a trophy to recognize our Company’s support for  Geography Day, which aimed at promoting science, exploration, education, and storytelling in a geographical approach.




Sr Paul Tsui, CEO of Esri China (Hong Kong) (third right), received the trophy with other representatives from the supporting organizations and financial sponsors.