Data Literacy was raised in the

Open Data Hackathon


Open data has been a cornerstone of the smart city movement, and smart property using IoT has been creating social, environmental, and economic value for our society. The Open Data Hackathon cum Hackathon Final 2022 - Smart Property was successfully held on November 14, 2022, at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. As a solution sponsor, Esri China (Hong Kong) has provided the contestants with ArcGIS Online accounts and a hands-on workshop to explore the functionality of this SaaS-based platform before the final contest. The contestants, of which the youngest category was secondary students, were all capable of exploring BIM-GIS integration in the SaaS-based ArcGIS Online. All the winners have a one-year sponsored ArcGIS Online license to turn their ambitious ideas into geospatial innovations.


Students joined the training workshop to learn about the GIS-BIM integration with ArcGIS Online.


On the day of the Open Data Conference cum Hackathon Final, Sr Paul Tsui, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Esri China (Hong Kong), shared his insight about nurturing data literacy for STEAM education in Hong Kong. Sr Tsui pointed out that students should increase their ability to apply data in different subjects. Therefore, our Company is now launching the “Esri China (HK) 25th Anniversary STEAM Cup – Multi-Subjects ArcGIS StoryMaps GIS Application Competition” to cultivate data literacy in multiple subjects. All primary 4-6 and secondary students are welcome to join the competition and tell the good stories of Hong Kong to the world. 


Sr Paul Tsui (second right), CEO of Esri China (Hong Kong), shared his insight about nurturing data literacy for  youngsters in Hong Kong.


Isaac Ng (center), winner of the Esri Young Scholars Award and member of GIS Academy, was awarded as champion in the open stream competition at the Open Data Hackathon.