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Esri YSA Winners showcased in City Gallery



The City Gallery organized a thematic exhibition on “Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications” in August 2021. The 2021 Esri Young Scholars Award (YSA) winners from the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the University of Hong Kong, were invited to give a presentation and showcase their innovative use of GIS for smart city development. 



Senior town planner Ms. Irene Man from the Planning Department introduced the Esri YSA winners to the audience online. The champion, Mr. Eric Li Maosu explained how urban housing planning can bring people closer to nature. The first runner-up, Mr. David Cheng Chi Chiu, studied the transit-oriented development (TOD) index in Hong Kong to find potential development areas with high public transportation accessibility but underutilized land use. Building Information Modeling (BIM) and GIS integration is important in the construction digitalization journey. ArcGIS GeoBIM provides seamless integration of GIS and BIM. The second runner-up, Mr. Daniel Lui Wing Hin cited successful examples of integrating GIS with BIM.



Esri Young Scholars Award (YSA) 2022 is now open for enrollment, please visit Esri YSA 2022 website for more details, recording of the Esri YSA 2022 briefing session is now available at YouTube channel.



The second runner-up Mr. Daniel Lui (from the left), first runner-up Mr. David Cheng, champion Mr. Eric Li and senior town planner Ms. Irene Man shared a great conversation about GIS applications in urban planning.