Dr Tang Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey

at Cyberport Academy



Cyberport Academy organized a Distinguished Fellow Speakers Series on 30 November 2021. Dr Winnie Tang, the founder and chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong) unveiled the story of establishing Esri China (Hong Kong) with university students and young entrepreneurs.



Hosted by George Lam, chairman of Cyberport, Dr Tang gave a talk entitled “My Entrepreneurial Journey and The Future of  Smart City”. In 1997, she quit her job as associate professor at HKU and started Hong Kong’s first GIS company. She recalled the days she started to promote GIS technology in Hong Kong when paper maps still dominated – “It seems there was no light at the end of the tunnel, but launching a new business is very rarely smooth sailing. With sincerity, perseverance and endurance, Esri China (Hong Kong) withstands the hardships and grows. “As a local IT startup, our Company was among the first group of tenants to move into Cyberport. We witnessed a lot of talent be nurtured and unicorns were born one by one.  Together with Cyberport, we strive to build Hong Kong into a world class smart city.“



At the end of the sharing session, Dr Tang introduced her latest publication “Smart City 4.0” to the audience. The 4.0 version zooms as the driving force of the smart city development in which both startups and GIS play an indispensable role. Nine long-time clients of Esri China (Hong Kong) have generously shared their successful stories of adopting GIS in running their business. The book serves as a free GIS textbook to nurture and inspire the next generation. The online version is now available at  https://winnietang.hk/smartcity_4_0/



Dr Tang (right 5th, front row) shared her entrepreneurial journey with university students and young entrepreneurs at Cyberport Academy Distinguished Fellow Speakers Series, hosted by Dr George Lam (right 4th, front row).