New Book “Smart City 4.0”

Nurturing Smart People



GIS has been widely adopted and deployed in Hong Kong for over a quarter of a century since Dr. Winnie Tang actively promoted the technology when she graduated from the University of Hong Kong in the early 1990’s. To share her insight gained from building a successful GIS business and a leading smart city, a new book Smart City 4.0has been published in the final quarter of 2021.  Nine long-time clients generously shared their success stories on adopting GIS to combat the future challenges. The E-book is now available at



Smart City 4.0 is GIS-driven with startups as the core initiative. In the post-COVID-19 era, from healthcare, transportation, and urban planning to city management and conservation, GIS helps forward-thinking organizations, from all levels of government, institutes, nonprofits and the public, startups in particular, to make use of GIS together with advanced technologies and strike a balance between development and conservation; at the same time maintaining constant awareness of the community’s aspirations and staying connected with all the stakeholders. 



Earlier in October 2021, Dr. Tang firstly introduced her new publication of “Smart City 4.0” in an invited presentation from the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers (HKIE). Ir. Prof Louis Lock, Chairman of Control, the Automation & Instrumentation Discipline Advisory Panel and more than 300 members of HKIE joined the hybrid seminar and had fruitful idea exchanges with Dr. Tang. 



Dr. Tang’s latest publication “Smart City 4.0” covered nine successful stories of GIS applications from different sectors.