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GeoLab to Promote Open Geospatial Data

for the General Public



The Geospatial Lab (GeoLab) was officially opened on July 30, 2021. The opening ceremony was officiated by the Secretary for Development, Mr. Michael Wong Wai-lun. Established by the Development Bureau of the government, GeoLab is operated by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals with support from the Smart City Consortium (SCC). It fosters the public use of open geospatial data in developing smart applications and dovetailing the Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) initiative.



The GeoLab is located in Kwun Tong and provides working spaces and coaching services to support experimental projects using spatial data and to organize activities such as competitions, workshops and talks. GeoLab received a wide range of attention from the government and statutory bodies. The chairperson of the Committee on Building Information Modeling (BIM) of the Construction Industry Council (CIC) Ar. Ada Fung Yin-suen visited GeoLab on September 8, 2021. Dr. Ann Mak, manager of GeoLab introduced the GIS capabilities for the construction industry to the members of CIC. 



Mr. Wong Wai-lun (middle) touched the spherical display with guests to announce the opening of Geospatial Lab.



Dr. Winnie Tang (right 3rd), founder and honorary president of Smart City Consortium celebrated the opening of the Geospatial Lab with other members.