Esri China (HK) kicked-off

25th Anniversary Celebrations



The year 2022 marks a very special year for Esri China (Hong Kong), as our Company is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Esri China (Hong Kong) was established in 1997 and we went from an entrepreneurial home-grown IT company specialising in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping solutions, to a leader of geospatial innovation in Hong Kong. 



GIS has been widely adopted and deployed in Hong Kong for over a quarter of a century since our Company actively developed and promoted the technology in the late 1990’s. Nowadays, GIS plays an indispensable role in smart city development all over the world. To commemorate Esri China’s (Hong Kong) 25 years of dedication devoted to developing and promoting GIS software and solutions in Hong Kong, a series of activities will be held throughout 2022 to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. Dr Winnie Tang, founder and chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong) and our CEO Sr Paul Tsui officiated the kick-off ceremony on 24 December 2021 together with colleagues. During the opening speech, Paul  remarked on colleagues’ decades long efforts in leading geospatial innovation by developing and deploying GIS applications in the public and private sectors.



Dr Winnie Tang (right 3rd), founder and chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong), Paul Tsui (left 3rd), CEO of Esri China (Hong Kong) and the management team celebrated with all colleagues at the 25th Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony.


Dr Winnie Tang (right) and Paul Tsui (left) shared the joy of the silver jubilee in cake cutting moment.



Dr Winnie Tang took a photo with the special 25th Anniversary cake and shared the joy of the silver jubilee with all supporters. 



Colleagues grabbing the chance to take a selfie and capture the exciting moment.