GIS Day and STEM for Everyone

At Esri, we have a vision to bring GIS knowledge to everyone; therefore, we have spent numerous efforts to encourage students in schools to study STEM subjects through our Map in Learning (MiL) Program. This echoes with the values of the IET Hong Kong Young Woman Engineer of The Year Award 2019/2020 which recognizes outstanding young woman engineers in the society. Dr. Winnie Tang has been invited to be the Guest of Honor for the Award Ceremony which was conducted in a webinar format on 14 November 2020. 


Dr. Winnie Tang is Guest of Honor at the IET Hong Kong Young Woman Engineers Award 2019/2020 Award Ceremony.


With the same belief, we would like to share our GIS technology platform with more teachers and students. As a result, we co-organized with HKEdCity and held a webinar on GIS for Flipped Classroom on 21 November 2020. In the webinar, we shared the experience and specific methods in implementing “flipped classroom” with the use of ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Survey123. Practical teaching materials are developed for onsite and virtual field trips, big data analytics and online reading.


A webinar is held on GIS for Flipped Classroom.


This webinar was one of the events to celebrate GIS Day around the world, which is set on 18 November every year. We also distributed some GIS-related stickers in our office on that day to appeal everyone that sharing GIS is more important than ever.


GIS-related stickers are distributed in our office to promote GIS Day.