Open Competitions Invite Applications

The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry is undergoing digital transformation complemented with GIS & BIM integration to create a common data environment (CDE) in recent years.  The CIC Construction Digitalisation Award 2021 organized by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) aims to recognize outstanding local projects and organizations for their construction in the adoption of advanced technologies in the industry.  


Dr. Winnie Tang, Honorary President of Smart City Consortium, has been pleased to be a member of the organizing committee of the Award, and she attended the Launching Ceremony of the award held on 10 November 2020. Dr. Tang exchanged her views with panel members on construction digitalization during the panel discussion session.  



Dr. Tang (middle) shares her views on the digital transformation of construction in the panel discussion.



Our company spares no effort in promoting and encouraging GIS technology adoption. The other competition called Smart Transportation Challenge organized by HKSTP is open to students and organizations to join. Esri China (HK) is pleased to act as Technology Partner and provide training workshop to participants who accept the challenge. There will be technical meet-up sessions to solve problems while using the ArcGIS platform. On-going technical support will also be provided.


Participants will forecast and improve traffic conditions around the Science Park and eventually within Hong Kong by utilizing ArcGIS technology and datasets relevant to support data analysis. The ArcGIS product family, including ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS CityEngine for 3D city design and ArcGIS Network Analyst for traffic and route analysis, has the powerful capability to process, map, analyze and visualize relevant transportation data involved in this challenge. Apart from winning the awards, winners will have proof-of-concept opportunities and get prizes including ArcGIS for Personal Use, as well as free subscriptions of Esri Partner Network and ArcGIS Online