Esri China (HK) Leads a Team to Join Esri UC


The world's largest GIS conference, Esri User Conference (UC) has been successfully held in San Diego, California, USA from July 10-14, 2023. The 43rd annual conference attracted 18,000 attendees to participate physically, with another 20,000 joining online. Esri China (Hong Kong) led a team of almost 40 GIS professionals from the public and private sectors to join the conference in San Diego for a vibrant exchange of ideas, insights, and best GIS practices. 


During the Plenary Session of the Esri User Conference 2023, Esri Founder and President Jack Dangermond captivates the audience with his visionary insights. 


“What kind of world do you want to see?” That was the question Esri Founder and President Jack Dangermond posed at the conference. Under the theme “GIS – Creating the World You Want to See”, in the plenary session, Jack Dangermond told the crowd of mostly geographic information system (GIS) professionals that their work is essential to creating a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous world.  

The Esri User Conference served as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration. Representing 130 countries, the diverse participants at the UC demonstrated the global reach of GIS technology. Gammon Construction was presented with the esteemed 2023 Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award.  The Lands Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government won First Place in the Map Gallery, Dashboard Map Category competition. Additionally, the Hong Kong Esri Young Scholars Award winner shared his exemplary geospatial project during the conference. 


The Lands Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government wins  First Place in the Dashboard Map Category of the Map Gallery Award.


Esri Young Scholars Award winner Mr. Evan Cheung (first from the left) showcases his exemplary geospatial project at the Esri User Conference 2023. 


Esri also announced new products and capabilities at the conference:

  • ArcGIS Reality is a new suite of reality mapping products designed for creating foundational layers from imagery, and elevating 2D GIS into a photorealistic 3D GIS experience. ArcGIS Reality is also available as an extension in ArcGIS Pro, leveraging the Reality Studio engine. Users can also create true orthomosaics using 3D information.
  • The ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World now has a 3D base map for the entire planet, including buildings and terrain.
  • In mobile capabilities: ArcGIS Dashboards now support mobile configurations, with optimized views for mobile devices.
  • When using ArcGIS Survey 123, AI Smart Assist can allow a user to take a photo of assets and have those assets identified automatically through the common object detection assist available in the Living Atlas.