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Company Takes Care of Employees during COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 early this year, Esri China (Hong Kong) has been taking a number of measures to protect the safety, health and job security of its employees. The company has rich experience in mapping out the distribution pattern of contagious diseases like SARS dated back to 2003. When the government was seeking a more effective communication channel to communicate the latest COVID-19 situation with the public, a group of IT volunteers from Smart City Consortium including Esri China (Hong Kong) worked with the government to build the Interactive Map Dashboard, which provides an overview of the latest key figures, statistics, graphs and confirmed case locations on a map at a glance.



Employees and visitors have to check their body temperature before entering into the office.


Having received the recognition of 15 Plus Caring Company and Family-Friendly Employers for many years, Esri China (Hong Kong) holds a corporate responsibility to help its employees respond to the pandemic. Esri China (Hong Kong) has been taking the following measures since the COVID-19 outbreak:

  • The company has distributed face masks to each employee in the early-to-middle time of COVID-19 outbreak, and all staff and visitors are required to wear a facial mask in office.

  • Staff are protected by enhanced and upgraded cleaning and disinfecting procedures done by a vendor twice this year.

  • The company has arranged flexible work hours and “work-from-home” practice prior to the government’s appeal.

  • More supportive software for online meeting and video conferencing has been purchased to enhance the communication between our colleagues and clients without face-to-face meetings.


Looking forward, Esri China (Hong Kong) will make use of advanced GIS technologies to benefit clients and cultivate more IT talents in support of Hong Kong to further develop as a leading smart city.