AEC Industry Thrives with GIS

As the population is growing and the world becomes more connected and complex with limited space, we need to rethink how we plan, design, build, and operate in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. We are not able to use the same old tools and methods to solve new problems. Therefore, planners, architects, engineers, builders, and operators in the AEC industry are looking for tools that will enable them to solve new challenges. What they need is location intelligence, as mentioned in the Esri User Conference 2020


ArcGIS software is used in the design stage of a construction project. 



Location intelligence is applied to a wide range of AEC projects expedites deliverables and leads to better decision-making. Architects, engineers, and builders improve their workflows, bring geographic context to the projects and increase collaboration through the use of location intelligence. The entire project lifecycle is improved in the Plan, Design, Build & Operate stages.


To facilitate the adoption of innovative GIS tools for construction by local AEC firms in Hong Kong, a few of our ArcGIS products and solutions have been listed on the pre-approved list of the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF). Six of our technologies are listed under Advanced Construction Technologies (ACT) of the CITF and we will put more new technologies under the fund in future. The CITF will co-fund 70% of the subscription costs and applicants may get up to HK$800,000 per technology.

  • ArcGIS Desktop Standard
    ArcGIS takes data that originates from many different sources and file formats and integrates them into a single application platform to support unique AEC workflows.

  • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced
    ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap are parts of ArcGIS Desktop Advanced. Each application has unique capabilities to suit your building needs.

  • ArcGIS Online
    ArcGIS Online is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud deployment. It also supports an on-premises deployment through ArcGIS Enterprise, which is managed by you.

  • ArcGIS Drone2Map
    Drone2Map allows you to create 2D and 3D image products from drone imagery. Users of Drone2Map may benefit from using Site Scan LE (Limited Edition).

  • ArcGIS Data Interoperability
    ArcGIS Data Interoperability integrates apps and data by eliminating boundaries between files and storage technologies, supporting hundreds of different file formats.

  • ArcGIS Enterprise Standard
    ArcGIS Enterprise can be deployed using any cloud providers if you have a cloud strategy and do not want to maintain server hardware.