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Esri China (HK) Awarded New SOA for QPS4

by the HKSAR Government

Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Standing Offer Agreements (SOA) for Quality Professional Services 4 (SOA-QPS4) in Category 2 Minor Group and Category 3 Minor Group by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) of the HKSAR Government.


The representative of Esri China (HK) (second row, seventh left) was pictured with The Government Chief Information Officer, Mr. Allen Yeung (front row, eighth left), and the Deputy Government Chief Information Officer (Infrastructure and Operations), Mr. Victor Lam (front row, eighth right)




Esri China (HK) is honored to be awarded the SOA-QPS by the OGCIO since 2005. Under SOA-QPS4, we may be engaged to undertake information technology projects for the Government from 31 July 2017 for a period of 48 months up to 30 July 2021.


The SOA-QPS scheme enlarges the Government’s delivery capacity for public services and accelerates the delivery of IT solutions to support the increasing demand of quality e-Government services. The total contract value of the fourth generation of the scheme is estimated to be over $1.5 billion.


The Government Chief Information Officer, Mr. Allen Yeung, said that the Government has refined the provisions in this new round of contracts, including the adoption of a higher technical weighting with a price to technical ratio of 60:40 for some work assignments. Mr. Yeung mentioned that the Government expects more innovative and quality IT solutions will be introduced to government departments to build a smart government. The entry requirement on past business volume has also been lowered in order to boost industry development.


Esri China (HK) has an outstanding track record in providing services for the Government departments by our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals of IT and GIS specialties. Our Professional Services Team is pleased to have worked with over 30 HKSAR Government departments for close to 20 years and have developed a thorough understanding of the departments requirements and procedures. We are committed to providing proficient professionals and specialists when they are required, where they are required and in appropriate numbers, with the aim of working with the Government departments to make the SOA-QPS contract a success.


For more details on the SOA-QPS, please visit OGCIO’s website.