Join Esri YSA 2024 to Win a Trip to San Diego

Focusing on the impact of AI on design, construction, and urban environments, the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) held its Annual Conference 2024 under the theme “Design in the Digital and AI Era - is this the end or just the beginning”. Dr. Winnie Tang, MH, JP, Founder and Chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong), was invited to deliver a keynote presentation at the conference on the topic of "GeoAI Propels Sustainable Smart Cities Development”.


Taking place at the City Gallery in Central, the HKIA Annual Conference 2024 aimed to explore the evolving responsibilities of architects in the face of artificial intelligence (AI) advancements. GeoAI is the application of AI fused with geospatial data, science, and spatial analysis to accelerate real-world understanding of environmental impacts, operational risks and more. In the presentation, Dr. Tang shared insightful perspectives on the role of GeoAI in driving sustainable smart cities development and highlighting the potential of GeoAI with global and local GIS applications, enabling faster responses and proactive decision-making. She also emphasized the importance of creating an ecosystem that empowers talents to contribute to sustainable smart city initiatives.