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ArcGIS Knowledge Connects Unstructured Data

in a Geospatial context


What are the components of my supply chain? Do I have any vulnerabilities? ArcGIS Knowledge is a newly released knowledge graph software that brings new data fusion and graph analytic capabilities to ArcGIS.  Organizations can now connect, explore, and analyze their data together spatial and non-spatial, structured and unstructured - to find patterns and insights for decision making.



ArcGIS Knowledge excels at bringing diverse types of data together, such as health data, supply chains, case data, vehicle tracking, property ownership records, or even news articles and social media posts in a geospatial framework to facilitate data discovery, analytics, and problem-solving. A knowledge graph uses a graph-structured data model or topology to integrate and visualize the relationship of data. It uses a graph network with an attribute table to store interlinked descriptions of spatiotemporal events, situations, or abstract concepts.



As a user type extension to ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Knowledge provides a cost-effective and flexible way to add enterprise knowledge graph capabilities to your existing ArcGIS investment without adding new vendor technology.



ArcGIS Knowledge visualizes data as well as the relationships that connect different data points.