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Free BIM Viewer Training in

CIC BIM Portal - ArcGIS Online


The Hong Kong construction industry is entering a new digital era. BIM personnel with GIS knowledge are in high demand. In collaboration with the Construction Industry Council (CIC), a free self-learning kit for ArcGIS Online, as one of the BIM Viewer software available, has been developed for the construction industry in Hong Kong. Learners can obtain a BIM Viewer Certificate after passing the CIC online quiz.



GIS and BIM have a beneficial relationship that complements one another. GIS provides information about assets in the context of the built and natural environment, which makes GIS an ideal platform for BIM Viewing.  In the free self-learning kit, learners will obtain knowledge about basic GIS concepts and their integration with BIM, such as opening, navigating, measuring, and slicing a BIM model with ArcGIS Online. Collaborating with the CIC, Esri China (Hong Kong) will annually offer three instructor-led training sessions of which the first has received an overwhelming response.



Apart from the CIC BIM Viewer Training, we have put a training course – BIM and GIS Integration (CITF Code: PBT21-004) on the pre-approved lists of the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF). The six hours of training can be reimbursed in full. Please contact us if you have any inquiries regarding it. 




ArcGIS Online Teaching and Learning Kit for BIM Viewers Training offered by Esri China (Hong Kong) is now available for free on the Construction Industry Council’s BIM Portal.