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Explore the Potential of Digital Twins Conference


CEO of Esri China (HK), Sr Paul Tsui was invited to deliver a presentation on the topic of “Integrating 3D GIS with BIM for Smart City Development” at the Smart City Conference 2021 hosted at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 


Sr Paul Tsui gives a presentation at the Smart Infrastructure Conference 2021.


In his presentation, Paul shared how GIS could support digital twins for the development of a smart city. Paul also exchanged a lot of valuable ideas with the other distinguished guests at the discussion session.


Digital twin is a virtual representation of real-world entities and processes. We can find solutions via different simulation or trial approach. GIS-BIM is foundational for any digital twin. Two webinars have been organized to demystify GIS-BIM integration for urban planning and common data environment (CDE).


A group of student speakers from the University of Hong Kong demonstrated GIS-BIM integration is indispensable not only for urban planning but also for construction development at a webinar titled “GIS-BIM Integration on Town Planning”, which was successfully held on 23 June 2021.


At the webinar, the speakers showed the benefits of creating a common data environment (CDE) in construction projects could enhance collaboration among stakeholders as well as improving quality of building projects.


In addition, Mr. Kevin Chan, Senior GIS Consultant at Esri China (HK), presented on the topic of “GIS-BIM Integration for CDE” at the 2022 Virtual Solutions Launch, which was an online event organized by Autodesk Hong Kong on 26 May 2021. Kevin was pleased to explain how ArcGIS technology could work with Autodesk products seamlessly for better works in the AEC industry.  


Mr. Kevin Chan, Senior GIS Consultant at Esri China (HK), illustrates why GIS is the foundation of common data environment (CDE).