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New Statutory Planning Portal

Recorded Millions Hit Rates

Statutory Planning Portal 2 features interactive functions of map display, browsing and query.




The revamped Statutory Planning Portal 2 (SPP2) of Town Planning Board launched last fall has quickly become one of the most popular website providing public information. Its monthly and daily hit rates have reached 10 million and 1 million respectively, both are figures rarely seen among non-consumer web services.


SPP2 is an internet GIS application which provides the official information of allowed land use of zones and regions in Hong Kong. To be specific, the website shows statutory plan which are recently gazetted and Applications for Planning Permission, Representations or Objections to Statutory Plan and Rezoning or Amendment of Plan recently considered by the Town Planning Board. The public, including real estate developers, urban planning professionals and even ordinary citizens, can access and search the information they wanted, such as how the regions near a residential area will be developed, via common web browsers.


The SPP2 consists of functions which allow users to search textual information, view map data and browse files easily. The location and content search functions in SPP2 allow users to search location based data efficiently, and the map interface provides mapping functions including map display, browsing, query and map exporting functions. Esri’s ArcGIS Server 10.2 serves as the core technology platform of the portal and enables the above functions and services.



SPP2 shows the information of applications for planning permission currently inviting comments.



It is understood that the monthly hit rate of SPP2 reached 16.6 Millions in December 2014, and the highest single day hit count was over a staggering 1.2 Million in the same month. The figures reflected that the portal will serve as an important channel for the public to access planning information from the Government, and in turn enabling both sides to work together for better town planning of Hong Kong.


In a recent newspaper article (In Chinese), Dr. Winnie Tang, Chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong), also expressed her view that the portal can be a good foundation for the Government to carry out its Smart City initiative.

The Statutory Planning Portal 2 can be accessed by clicking here.