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Empowering Data Science Students with GeoAI


GeoAI has the potential to have numerous positive impacts in our society and contribute to the greater good by providing decision-makers with accurate and timely information. Sr Paul Tsui, Chief Executive Officer of Esri China (Hong Kong) gave a guest lecture in March at Lingnan University on the topic of “See What Others Can't - GeoAI meets Data Science”.


Fused with geospatial data and satellite imagery, GeoAI accelerates the understanding of environmental impacts, operational risks, and urban issues. In the lecture, students from the Department of Computing and Decision Sciences, and LEO Dr David P. Chan Institute of Data Science, Science Unit were inspired by various GeoAI applications such as  research on landslide detection, real-time analytics of transport and logistics, and the automation of satellite imagery analysis that can foster the smart city development in Hong Kong. 


Sr Paul Tsui (front row 5th from the left), Chief Executive Officer of Esri China (Hong Kong) and Associate Professor Paulina Wong (front row 6th from the left), Associate Director of the LEO Dr David P. Chan Institute of Data Science and Head of Science Unit, Lingnan University shared a delightful moment with the students after the lecture.