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Gammon’s Digital Twin featured

in WhereNEXT magazine


Gammon Construction, a leading digital twin pioneer, has been featured in WhereNEXT magazine. The magazine covers executive-level news and insights to highlight the success of GIS use cases for  readers. Gammon has successfully utilized ArcGIS technology to build “GTwin”, enabling more efficient construction processes, waste reduction, cost savings, and the proactive management of worksite hazards.


WhereNEXT magazine featured the story of Gammon Construction’s successful use case of building a digital twin for smart construction. 


GIS-based digital twins address real pain points in the construction process, helping Gammon’s teams adapt and find new competitive edges in the quickly changing AEC industry. The construction company built its digital twins to visualize installation sequences of  modular integrated construction (MiC) projects and sync just-in-time (JIT) deliveries, leading to a seamless building process. Integrated with building information modeling (BIM), GIS can represent not just the structure itself, but the environment around it, creating operational awareness of MiC delivery routes, environmental impacts, or weather patterns. With that level of intelligence, Gammon can plan more efficiently, reducing waste and costs, while anticipating and mitigating worksite hazards. 


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