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Global Consultants Adopt ArcGIS

to create 3D EIA Reports


The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) encourages the adoption of 3D EIA public engagement tools to engage citizens and facilitate a better understanding of  projects and issues. International consultants and developers use ArcGIS Experience Builder to create 3D visualizations of EIA that enable the public to experience possible future scenarios. 


The highly informative 3D visualization of EIA leverages the readability of the report itself – thanks to the use of 3D GIS. It allows readers to understand complex environmental issues and mitigation measurements on an interactive map with photos, textural information, tabular data, and other multimedia with geolocation.


Let’s check out these beautifully carved 3D visualization of EIA webpages!



        1. WSP - Fanling Golf Course Site

        2. WSP - Improvement to So Kwun Po Interchange

        3. MTRC - Northern Link

        4. Arup - Tuen Mun Bypass

        5. Arup - Route 11 (Section between Yuen Long and North Lantau)