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GIS Academy Organizes Census Data Competition


Co-organized with the Census and Statistics Department, GIS Academy is now launching a GIS competition, named “ArcGIS StoryMaps Application Competition 2023/24 – Telling Stories Using Census Data”. This competition aims to enhance students' skills in applied mathematics, data literacy, problem-solving, and innovation, empowering them to integrate mathematics with GIS. More than 70 secondary school students have formed 19 groups and enrolled in the competition. The GIS Academy organized a briefing session and two training workshops at the Geospatial Lab in February and March respectively to empower the students with a better understanding of the capabilities of ArcGIS.


GIS Academy provided hands-on ArcGIS Online workshops to the students who joined the competition.  


Mathematics is indispensable in the application of GIS. When analyzing and visualizing census data, GIS is a crucial technology as its application is closely related to mathematical knowledge. The Census and Statistics Department has shared more than 35 sets of data on the Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) Portal. Participants are expected to utilize the CSDI data to tell a story with the integration of ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Survey 123, and ArcGIS StoryMaps. The competition result announcement will be made in June 2024. Winners will be invited to give a presentation with their ArcGIS StoryMaps at the Award Presentation Ceremony in July 2024.