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The Girl Guides Adopts GIS for City Orienteering


City orienteering is great. With a map and hands-on checkpoint missions, participants gained an in-depth understanding of the city by exploring places they might rarely visit. Recently, the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association integrated traditional city orienteering into an innovative and interactive community event. With the adoption of ArcGIS technology, the “Footprints in Yau Tsim Mong” City Orienteering attracted nearly 200 participants to join the event and to learn about the beauty of the community’s culture and history through geospatial innovation. 


Teams gathered behind the starting line at the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association for city orienteering. 



Participants, forming a total of 61 teams, joined the city orienteering event.  Esri China (Hong Kong) provided ArcGIS Online, a cloud-based GIS software, to build an interactive web map and indicate the location of  checkpoints. When the teams arrived at each checkpoint location, there was a QR code for them to scan and get access to the ArcGIS Survey 123 for the designated tasks to be completed and score points. The organizer found the GIS-supported city orienteering event innovative for their pioneering attempt, while the participants could increase their social awareness by exploring the Yau Tsim Mong community.


The Girl Guides has successfully embedded STEAM education and IT elements in city orienteering. As a member of our “Map in Learning” (MiL) program, the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association enjoys a free ArcGIS Online license in the MiL program. The program, organized by Esri China (Hong Kong) and Hong Kong Education City with support from the Education Bureau, aims to provide ArcGIS Online, a user-friendly cloud-based mapping platform, to all primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and Macau for free to develop, promote, and sustain an excellent eLearning environment and resources in education for our next generations. Any NGO that aims at serving Hong Kong young people is eligible to join MiL. Please visit to learn more.



Participants learnt to use ArcGIS Online for city orienteering. 



The Girl Guides adopted ArcGIS Survey 123 and Jupyter Notebook to speed up the calculation of the score from all the teams. 



Participants arrived at a checkpoint outside and scanned the QR code for the task assigned by the organizer.