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Esri Young Scholars Award 2022 Call for Submission


The Esri Young Scholars Award (YSA) is a competition to encourage and recognize tertiary students who create innovative geographic information systems (GIS) applications for building a smarter Hong Kong. In 2022, Esri China (Hong Kong) celebrates its 25th Anniversary and Esri YSA 2022 was kicked off on January 14, 2022 as one of our Anniversary Celebration Series.



Organized virtually on January 14, 2022, the Esri YSA 2022 briefing session not only provided the details of the participation requirement but also technical knowledge on adopting 3D GIS and open spatial data in the project. Group entry is allowed for the first time in the competition. Participants are required to submit the project presentation with ArcGIS StoryMaps and a two-minute introductory video clip on or before April 4, 2022. Please visit for more details of the competition. 





Winners of the Esri Young Scholars Award could win an internship with the Urban Renewal Authority or Esri China (Hong Kong).