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Smart Urban Planning Fosters

Smart City Development


Different smart cities use technologies in various ways; however, all smart cities rely on geospatial science and technology for the framework of smart tools. Invited by the Hong Kong Institute of Planners and the City Gallery,  Dr. Winnie Tang, founder & chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong), and founder & honorary president of Smart City Consortium, gave a presentation in a webinar on the topic of “Smart Technologies Driving Sustainable Smart Cities” on January 13, 2022. Dr. Tang elaborated on the global trends of smart city development, and how location intelligence facilitates smart urban planning.


The webinar received numerous enrollments from academia, urban planning, architecture and professionals from various fields. Dr. Tang explained, by adopting geographic information systems (GIS) as a framework in smart city development, town planners can estimate and compare different planning scenarios, predict or prevent transportation congestion, to a large extent, create a sustainable future for our next generation. Through a parametric planning approach, town planners can generate massive urban designs, which can save time and speed up the planning process in the new development area (NDA). These capabilities are demonstrated by our colleagues with the ArcGIS CityEngine and a case study in Hong Kong. 


At the same time, Dr. Tang unveiled her latest publication “Smart City 4.0” to the audience in the webinar. “Smart City 4.0” is a free GIS textbook that includes nine successful stories of adopting GIS in Hong Kong. The bilingual E-books are now available at



Dr. Winnie Tang gives a presentation in a webinar organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Planners and City Gallery.