Esri China (HK) Wins Web Accessibility and

Caring Company Awards


Esri China (HK) has won Gold Award under the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme (WARS) 2020-2021, which is organized by the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation. We are delighted to receive the award as it shows recognition and appreciation to our company as we have made the company website accessible to all people, including persons with disabilities. 


To meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, our colleagues in the Information Technology Department have spent effort to improve the design layouts and fonts of the company website of Esri China (HK) since we believe this will help our promotion of GIS technology reach a wider range of audience through the Internet.


Mr. Kelvin Shum (left), Senior Director, Technology and Planning represents our company to attend the Awards Presentation Ceremony of the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2020-2021.



Esri China (HK) wins Gold Award under the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2020-2021.


In addition, Esri China (HK) has been pleased to provide free consultation and technical support to accessguide.HK published by the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation, who has also won Gold Award under the WARS 2020-2021. The accessguide.HK offers useful information about accessible paths and facilities to all travelers, including those on wheelchairs.


From the above, we can see Esri China (HK) strives to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and is therefore awarded the “15 Year Plus Caring Company Logo” presented by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. The company has been receiving the Caring Company Logo for the past 17 years.


Esri China (HK) has been recognized as a caring company for the past 17 years.