Constructing a Better Future with

GIS & BIM Integration

The current world population of 7.6 billion is expected to expand to 8.6 billion in 2030, and more and more people will be moving to live in the urban area. To meet the massive demand for a living place in the next ten years, we need to apply technologies including GIS and BIM in the project lifecycle of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.


GIS provides geographical information about assets in the built and natural environment while BIM supplies detailed information about buildings and infrastructure assets. Bringing GIS and BIM together offers a broader and deeper understanding of infrastructure in the context of the built and natural environments. In a common data environment, GIS is a shared common platform that supports information update, team coordination and collaboration. GIS and BIM integration provides a reliable foundation for stakeholders to make decisions throughout the project lifecycle.


GIS and BIM integration builds for a better future.


With the determination to apply GIS and BIM in the AEC industry, Esri China (HK) has worked with the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) to provide a 6-hour training course on “BIM and GIS Integration” (CITF Code: PBT21-004). Participants may get a reimbursement capped at a maximum of HK$3,000 after successful completion of the course.


Apart from the above training course, we have put our ArcGIS technology to the pre-approved lists of the CITF, including ArcGIS Desktop (CITF Code: PA19-010), Drone2Map for ArcGIS (Standard) (CITF Code: PA20-067), ArcGIS Enterprise Standard (CITF Code: PA20-068) and ArcGIS Online (CITF Code: PA20-069).


On the other occasion, we were invited by the construction industry council to speak on the topic of “Integrating 3D GIS with BIM for Smart Asset Management” at the webinar on BIM Solution Day held on 3 February 2021. At the webinar, we highlighted that GIS can be fused with complex BIM models to visualize asset details in the geographical context riding on web and mobile platforms.


Esri China (HK) presents at the webinar on BIM Solution Day.


For more details about GIS for the AEC industry, please see our webpage.