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Location Intelligence for Smart Retailers

Esri China (HK) showcased how location intelligence powered by ArcGIS built-in deep learning tools based on random forest algorithm could help retailers choose store locations, boost their revenues and improve customer experience at the event, “Smart Retail — Empower Customers to Buy More” held on 14 December 2018.

Esri China (HK) showed how location intelligence and deep learning could improve sales revenues and customer experience for smart retailers.

In the age of big data analytics, it is undoubted that data-driven decision powered by artificial intelligence can help businesses grow more revenues and predict future trends. This is especially true for retailers who can make use of location-based data generated every day from their customers. Therefore, having the booth tagline of “Location Intelligence for Smart Retailers”, Esri China (HK) demonstrated how ArcGIS integrated with deep learning capability could boost sales for retailers who can make smart decisions on stock control, store location, promotion items, sale prices, customer experiences compared with their competitors nearby.