About MiL Program

Explore the Power of Inquiry with Maps

Map in Learning (MiL) Program, organized by Esri China (HK) and Hong Kong Education City (HKEdCity) with the support from the Education Bureau (EDB), the HKSAR Government, aims to develop, promote and sustain an excellent eLearning environment and resources in education for our next generations. The vision of MiL Program is to engage schools widely adopting GIS innovative solution and software in their extra-curriculum activities for student’s learning.



Under the MiL Program, Esri China (HK) provides free subscription of ArcGIS Online School Account, valued at over HK$55 million, to all primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and Macao in 2015. In addition, various technical support services, teacher training workshop and online e-learning resources are also provided on complimentary basis.



MiL Program not only encourages students to understand the world and their own community by easily making web maps and analyzing data online, but also assists teachers in creating suitable learning contexts for particular educational purposes for students. Thus, ArcGIS Online, a cloud-based web mapping platform, helps students to develop the life-long learning capabilities and problem solving skills that are needed in our ever-changing society.



Maps have been applied in diversified humanities and science subjects, and web mapping has become part of our life. In addition, school campuses with WiFi will become the majority in coming years. This is a great opportunity to establish an innovative, interactive and user-friendly eLearning community with the support and participation of schools and educators.


For Opening Speech and Introduction video, please click here.

First Asian city implements this initiative giving students future options with high-value skills in problem solving, data analysis, technology integration and innovation.