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Web Mapping Applications

Esri China (HK) is the leading provider of GIS mapping solutions in the region. Many organizations adopted Esri technologies in developing mapping applications to present GIS information via the Internet/Intranet.

Esri’s product and software allows you easily to build many customized mapping applications and these applications provide users with accurate information in accessible channels, right at users' fingertip.

Local Map Applications

In Hong Kong and Macao area, many Internet Mapping Applications are developed and/or supported by Esri China (HK) professionals, using Esri Server technologies. Most applications are built for public access, and are used in providing resourceful information and convenience to the general public and everyone in your organizations.

Learn how customers in both Hong Kong and Macao are using GIS, powered by Esri Technologies:

Discover more local case studies of GIS applications developed and/or supported by Esri China (HK) professionals here.