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ArcGIS Online Empowers Mobile App for Tourists

Many foreign friends or tourists will come to Hong Kong to enjoy the energetic city in the festive season.  The “Discover Hong Kong.Island Walks” app developed by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) should be handy for them.  The app features electronic maps powered by ArcGIS Online, enables travelers to create their own walks around Hong Kong’s laid-back outlying islands.

The "Discover Hong Kong.Island Walks" app, now available on Apple App Store and Google Play, provides in-depth information allowing visitors to go on walks around four most popular outlying islands, namely Lantau, Lamma, Cheung Chau and Peng Chau.  It shows details of famous and common scenic spots and suggested travel routes in each island.

The user-friendly interface.

In fact, each one of these islands embodies a host of contrasting elements that make Asia’s world city such a remarkable destination. For instance, on Lantau Island, the focus is on the contrast between Serenity and Energy; on Lamma Island its East versus West; on Cheung Chau its Turf versus Surf; while Peng Chau the focus is on the Past versus the Present. The app makes use of augmented reality (AR) to enable a true DIY touring experience of the islands with distinguishing characteristics. Other value-added features include:

  • an easy-to-use windmill menu (navigation short cut);
  • setting up of ferry departure alert;
  • provision of offline content, e.g. attractions’ history, electronic map, how-to-get-there, local tips and other nearby attractions without incurring data roaming charges.

The mobile app features offline map to save the data roaming charges of tourists.

The mobile app is a good example demonstrating how AR and GIS work together to provide an enhanced user experience. By utilizing it, a short day trip to outlying islands may pose a pleasant surprise for visitors. Welcome to Hong Kong’s other side.