Map-based Web Portal Gears up

Macao Environmental Protection Efforts

Environmental Protection Bureau (Direccao dos Servicos de Proteccao Ambiental, DSPA) of Macao SAR Government is playing up the role of GIS in its environmental protection initiative by launching its Environmental Geographic Information System (EGIS), a map-based web portal focusing on information sharing and education purpose. The web portal features advanced functionality, intuitive user interface, enriched information, etc., with the target of raising Macao citizens’ awareness towards environmental protection and encouraging the public to participate in related activities.

The second phase upgrade of EGIS features enhanced functionality and more user-friendly interface.

The Macao SAR Government has invested considerable resources to gear up the efforts of environmental protection after it has completed the compilation of the Environmental Protection Planning of Macao (2010 – 2020), the first strategic blueprint of the city in this area. This planning emphasizes that the environmental protection work relies on participation of the government, enterprises and general public to meet the preset goals of the environmental protection policies and measures. EGIS serves as an assisting platform for different parties working together to realize the vision of “Building a Low Carbon Macao, Creating Green Living Together”.

EGIS has received positive feedback since it has launched. Esri technology helped to lay the foundation for EGIS when DSPA built the system.

Statistical data of environment is presented in details with charts.

There is a huge amount of environmental information covering various areas in EGIS, and users can acquire the information they want by navigating and making queries. Technologies including ArcGIS Server ensure that information is efficiently delivered to users and performance is optimized within the portal.

The system has a full list of the facilities related to environmental protection in Macao.

In summary, users of EGIS are able to:

1. Search the statistics of activities related to environmental protection within a specified area;

2. Locate recognized environmental friendly businesses and organizations such as hotels and restaurants, and understand their achievement on environmental protection;

3. Locate the recycle points for recyclable wastes such as plastic bottles and paper-based materials;

4. Learn the operation details including the utilization rate of wastage recycling and processing facilities such as wastewater treatment plant and refuse incineration plant;

5. Search environmental data such as ambient air quality, water quality, noise level, and compare them against historical data.

Users can conveniently search environmental friendly businesses within certain area on the map

Therefore, Macao citizens can now express their opinions on environmental protection based on the concrete information provided by EGIS. They can also now use the system as a guidance to live greener by sending recyclable wastages to nearby recycle points, dine in an environmental friendly restaurant, and voice out their concern over different pollution issues.

The EGIS has been successfully serving its role as a convenient platform for Macao citizens with their Government on environmental issues. It will also definitely help to motivate the public to protect the valuable ecological environment and natural resources in Macao.