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GIS & BIM Integration for AEC Industry

A well-known fact of the AEC industry is that data integrity must be guaranteed between every stage of the process — from planning, design, construction to operation when data are converted or moved between different platforms. On the other hand, when project stakeholders need data from an earlier phase of the planning process, they often have to re-create that information.

Therefore, we need a common data environment to directly read a range of data formats and offer a single source of truth for all stakeholders in a project. With the rise of GIS & BIM integration, we can see a Common Data Environment (CDE) is created in one holistic environment.

Smart Site Safety System (SSSS)

Our Smart Site Safety System (SSSS) using ArcGIS technology as the backbone of the platform. Integrated with BIM, DWSS, real-time Internet-of-Things and 3D geospatial data, our SSSS offers location intelligence and real-time situational awareness of the construction site.

Gary Volta

GIS for AEC Project Lifecycle

Engineers, architects, surveyors and constructors can now build smarter and more efficient infrastructure with the ArcGIS platform. ArcGIS helps AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) practitioners collect and analyze data from the field, understand impacts to the environment and improve communication with key stakeholders. Minimize costly delays for critical design decisions and leverage a single source-of-truth with the ArcGIS applications now.


Planning Phase

Meet the needs of the project stakeholders in the most efficient, compliant and aesthetic manner. 

Design Phase

Develop a complete solution with respect to form and function which fulfills the project’s program.

Construction Phase

Prepare and execute against a project plan in a safe, predictable, cost & schedule conscious manner.

Operation Phase and Assets Management

Manage the project post construction such that it fulfills its mission for the complete lifespan expected.  


  • MoU Signed with Gammon’s Digital G

    Esri China (Hong Kong) and Gammon’s Digital G co-develop GIS-based solutions for the AEC industry.

  • CIC Master Class – 3D Geospatial Data for the Construction Industry

    Sr Paul Tsui, CEO of Esri China (Hong Kong), shared his insight on using 3D geospatial data for the construction industry.

  • HKUST Smart Campus Wins the Gold Prize of the CIC CDE Award

    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s Digital Twin Campus received the Gold Prize of the CIC Common Data Environment Award in the Organization Category.

  • Immersive Cave powered by ArcGIS showcased at CIExpo

    Powered by the ArcGIS Game Engine API, an Immersive Cave is showcased at the CIC Construction Innovation Expo 2022.

  • Construction R&D Forum – GIS Driving Construction Digitalisation

    Dr. Winnie Tang, founder and chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong), shared her insights about Smart Construction at the Construction R&D Forum.

  • HKIS BIM Conference Seeks Sustainability Through Smart Planning

    Dr. Winnie Tang, founder and chairman of Esri China (Hong Kong), shared her insights on building a sustainable future through smart technology at the HKIS BIM Conference.

  • GIS - the Core Component of the CIC Master Class on the CDE

    The CIC launched its first master class on the Common Data Environment (CDE) (Project Managers). GIS is the core component in the CDE for construction digitalisation.

  • A Common GIS Platform Could Speed Up Development

    Dr. Winnie Tang, founder and honorary president of the Smart City Consortium (SCC), stated that a Common GIS Platform could enhance the efficiency of the Northern Metropolis development.


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