Quality Policy

Esri China (HK)

Ref.: QP013

25th September 2017

Quality Policy

Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited consistently strives to deliver the products and services meeting the needs and expectations of our Customers with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited is committed to provide and sustain continual improvement for the provision of:

  1. Sales, delivery, installation, maintenance support and training services for Geographic Information System (GIS) Software products; and
  2. Provision of IT Project management, system design, system development, system integration, system maintenance and IT consulting services,

whereas GIS Software include software products developed by Esri Inc.

The Esri China (Hong Kong) Quality Management System has been specifically designed to cater for Esri China (Hong Kong) business operations. Related risks and opportunities to our business context are addressed. The objective of the Quality Management System is to ensure Customer satisfaction by provision of a structured system in which our product and services can be delivered, monitored, reviewed and enhanced. By regularly reviewing our operations and our Customers’ views we can focus on how well we are satisfying our customer’s requirements and continually refine and improve our internal procedures and the products and services we provide. The adoption of Esri China (Hong Kong) Quality Management System is essential for our continued business success.

The Esri China (Hong Kong) Quality Management System is described in the Esri China (Hong Kong) Work Instructions, Forms and Quality Manual. All affected staff shall be trained in the processes relevant to their duties and are responsible for complying with the documented policies and procedures. Those Manuals are available for the access of the relevant interested parties, as appropriate.

The Esri China (Hong Kong) Quality Management System is compliant with International Organisation for Standardisation ISO 9001:2015, and is appropriate to the purpose and context of the Organization.

Paul Tsui
Managing Director