HKIA Technovation Conference

and Exhibition Showcased Proven GIS Solutions

On 2 November 2017, the annual Technovation Conference and Exhibition of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) brings together airport community members and industry experts, offering them a platform to exchange ideas on the latest trends in innovative technology and solutions for operational efficiency and service excellence. The focus of this year's event is on data analytics and intelligence applications, which offer high potential to facilitate operational efficiency at the airport.

The HKIA has been ranked as the busiest airport for international air cargo since inauguration, and 8th in the world in term of total passengers.

Esri China (HK) was one of 29 global companies that were invited and in attendance as exhibitors at the HKIA Technovation Conference and Exhibition.

Esri China (HK) has demonstrated a list of innovative ideas using GIS in the Smart Airport exhibition. One of the solutions is the integration of IoT sensors information with GIS with ArcGIS Dashboard. It allows the users to have real time awareness of the operation parameters of the airport. Another idea is to integrate CCTV facial recognition into our GIS platform, each suspicious personnel passing through gateways is recorded and indicated on our interactive digital map. Finally, visualization of underground utility GIS data in the field using an Augmented Reality (AR) GIS solution with Hololens was also showcased in the event. Our booth also gained the attention of media and was featured in TVB Finance Channel programme.

With increased passenger demand, regulations, and technology requirements; there has never been a more challenging time in aviation than today, the Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and location intelligence give the airport the tools to integrate disparate technologies into a single common operational view, provide real-time security intelligence, and comprehensive view of operations.

"Aviation companies operate in a highly competitive environment where a slight improvement in the process can make a significant difference on the quality and efficiency," said Dr. Winnie Tang, Chairman of Esri China (HK). "Our solution enables a more informed decision making that can impact on the business outcomes."

Esri China (HK) was invited as an exhibitor at the HKIA Technovation Conference and Exhibition. Esri’s booth was selected as one of the highlighted booths for the media tour.

Through Operation Dashboard for ArcGIS, every tiny change from IoT sensors would be transmitted to the big data storage for further spatial analysis.

GIS plays a critical role in digitization of Hong Kong airport. Esri China (HK) will be the closest alliance and backbone of HKIA on improving airport management in the future.