Esri China (HK) Chairman Shared Insights about

Open Data, Creativity and Fintech on Media

Over the years, Esri China (HK) Founder and Chairman Dr. Winnie Tang is keen on promoting the information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry and Smart City concepts through writing articles for a wide range of publications. Recently, she has shared her views on the importance of geospatial data, FinTech development and entrepreneurship in the local media and hope to draw more attentions for these issues.


The HKEJ report interviewed Dr. Winnie Tang about her career and her vision on GIS and Smart City.



In the first part of the Interview report of Hong Kong Economic Journal (HKEJ), the story of her journey to change the landscape of the mapping industry in Hong Kong from paper to digital, and develop Esri China (HK) was outlined. She believed her success is built on her passion towards GIS and persistence to serve the society. She also shared her vision on how GIS can help the development of a Smarter Hong Kong, such as increasing the transparency of the Government, providing convenience to the public and enhancing the efficiency of public services. She also encouraged the younger generations to build a comprehensive world view and care for others in order to maximize their contribution to the development of Smart Cities.



Meanwhile, Dr. Tang also pointed out in her article published by China Daily Hong Kong Edition that the private market for startups planned by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEx) is a good start to encourage startup financing. She hoped that the initiative would lead to the creation of a smart international crowdfunding platform which can bring more entrepreneurial opportunities to the public and generate new ideas to address problems in modern cities.


Dr. Tang’s article on Computerworld Hong Kong.


Geospatial data has been bringing unprecedented changes to cities for years. In her byline article published by Computerworld Hong Kong, Dr. Tang believes that the use of geospatial data through an open data policy and a GeoHub (a platform of geospatial open data) can boost the creativity of citizens and relieve problems in cities. She thinks city governments should allow more flexibility, enable proper legislation and encourage public engagement to maximize the benefits and promote the healthy development of a Smart City.



The English e-Book version of “Surfing the IT World”.



Dr. Tang is always eager to share her views and insights. She already published 7 books in Chinese and English. Last October, “Surfing the IT World” was published and well received in the market due to the uniqueness of her successful story and her amazing perseverance over the past two decades. In May, an English e-Book version has been completed and available to be downloaded for English readers. Please click here to download and read.