Esri China (HK) Chairman Shared Insights

on Privacy Protection of Big Data

Esri China (HK) Chairman and Founder Dr. Winnie Tang shared her insights in the “Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Privacy” Seminar held by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) on 26 April 2017.


The Seminar was well received with over 300 attendees.



The Seminar was part of the “International IT Fest 2017” which was orchestrated by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer. It was a great success with over 300 attendees from various industries and professions.


The topic of the presentation by Dr. Tang is “Big Data on Smart City”. Dr. Tang first gave the participants an overview on the concept of Smart City including the objectives (e.g. enhancing quality of life and creating a vibrant eco-system) and the common components (e.g. Smart Government, Smart Mobility, Smart Living, etc.). Then she explained the roles of Big Data in building Smart Cities such as efficient and effective deployment of resources base on Geospatial Analysis of Big Data. Regarding the protection of personal data privacy of individuals, Dr. Tang believes that data privacy and technology adoption is not mutually exclusive and the issue can be resolved by proper technologies and measures. In addition, she made suggestions for organizations such as performing “Privacy Impact Assessment”, carrying out audits and complying with industry best practices.



Dr. Tang suggested that organizations should protect personal data privacy by performing “Privacy Impact Assessment”.



In other sessions of the seminar, Mr. Stephen Kai-yi Wong, the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong, urged organizations using Big Data and AI to build trust with individuals by adopting the accountability and transparency principles, while experts from Google introduced the latest development on Artificial Intelligence and Dr. KP Chow, Associate Professor of Department of Computer Science at University of Hong Kong reminded the audience to be vigilant in protecting their own privacy.


Dr. Winnie Tang (Left 3) discussed the issue of privacy protection in Big Data era with the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, industry experts and academic researchers.



Dr. Tang also joined the Panel Discussion & Q&A session of the seminar in which various interesting questions such as how to win the trust of the public on data privacy were discussed. The session was inspiring with good response from the attendees and intense interactions with Dr. Tang and the other speakers.