Esri China (HK) Shares Insights

on GIS with Members of HKIE

Sr. Paul Tsui shared GIS applications for Civil Engineering with the members of HKIE.

Sr. Paul Tsui received a souvenir from HKIE.

Civil engineering has been inevitably entering into a joint development with information technology. Application of new technologies, in particular, the use of geographic knowledge is now a new norm in sustainable construction. Sr. Paul Tsui, Managing Director of Esri China (HK); therefore, shared his views on how GIS would support the development of civil engineering in the seminar, “A New Era of Civil Engineering with Innovation and Technology” organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers held on 21 April 2018.


At the seminar, Sr. Paul Tsui held a presentation session called “Enabling Smarter and More Sustainable Development with GIS”, in which he explained why building up a smart city for Hong Kong is important and pointed out that GIS, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence are the four essential technologies in the development of a smart city.


Besides, in a recent strategic partnership between Esri and Autodesk, GIS and Building Information Modeling (BIM) are integrated into a common platform to analyze and visualize BIM data in the context of environment from City Information Modeling (CIM) and Landscape Information Modeling (LIM) powered by GIS. As GIS is a powerful framework that leverages all geographical context from CIM and LIM, the new collaboration is able to put GIS and BIM together at the center of a civil engineering project.