Macau User Conference

Brought together Professionals to Build Smart City

Esri China (HK), the premier GIS and mapping solutions provider in Hong Kong and Macau, successfully concluded Esri Macau User Conference 2017 on 16 May.


Esri China (HK) Managing Director Sr. Paul Tsui (Left), Smart City Alliance Association of Macao Dr. Jose Chan (Center) and NetCraft Information Technology (Macau) General Manager Mr. Ken Chan at the opening ceremony of the Macau User Conference.



Jointly organized by Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited and our long-time business partner NetCraft Information Technology (Macau) Company Limited, the event brought together GIS professionals, partners, customers and distinguished guests from different sectors of Macau to share best practices and learn more about emerging trends in the application and management of GIS technologies.


We are honored to have Dr. Jose Chan, Director, Smart City Alliance Association of Macao, presented as the Officiating Guest of the Conference. The City of Macau is actively promoting Smart City development, to improve the quality of living and bring better travelling experience. As the core technology for a Smart City, GIS is capable to integrate the city’s geospatial elements together, bringing unprecedented benefits to “Smart Tourism”, “Smart Transport”, “Smart Healthcare” and “Smart Government”.


Themed “Building a Smart Future with GIS”, Esri Macau User Conference 2017 featured a number of sessions delivered by Esri China (HK) experts to address the needs of Macau users:

  • Highlight of Esri technology including ArcGIS 10.5, Vector Tile Basemap & Mobile Map Package, Drone2Map for ArcGIS, 3D Web Scene, CityEngine & 360 VR, and Mobile Mapping System;
  • The applications of real time GIS to improve the efficiency of transportation system of a city;
  • Demonstration of GIS Apps for Public Health sector to create more effective and productive operation workflow;
  • Case studies of Open Data platforms across the globe including Hong Kong’s and how those platforms can improve the interaction of citizens and Government in order to achieve improvement of city services.


The conference was well attended by GIS users in Macau and Esri colleagues were happy to answer their questions.



In addition, attendees had the opportunity to network with experienced GIS users, consultants and geospatial technology vendors during the Exhibition and Networking session of the conference.


At the end of the Macau User Conference 2017, many attendees reflected that the information provided in the conference was valuable and insightful.