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Esri China (HK) Supported IT Fest 2016

Dr. Winnie Tang, Chairman of Esri China (HK), shared her insights on Smart City.



Esri China (HK) supported the annual International IT Fest (IT Fest 2016) held from 11 to 23 April by participating in a number of events and activities.

Dr. Winnie Tang, Esri China (HK), delivered a speech titled “Building Spatial Data Infrastructure for Smart City” in the ICT Conference 2016 held by the institution of Engineering and Technology. The concept of establishing a spatial data infrastructure as the foundation of a Smart City was well received by the attendees.




Dr. Winnie Tang presented awards to the winners of the competition.



Dr. Tang also presented awards to the winners of the Inter-School IT Elite Challenge 2016. The event aims at promoting IT education and enhancing students' knowledge about how IT empowers work and life. It was encouraging to witness that the local students are interested in Information technology subject and particularly excited to join the competition.