Esri China (HK) Sponsored the “CyberRun for Rehab”

for the 13th Consecutive Year

In the sunny afternoon of 27 November, 2016, hundreds of runners and walkers gathered at Ap Lei Chau for 2016 CyberRun for Rehab. Esri China (HK) takes great pride to have sponsored this annual charitable event for the thirteenth consecutive year.


Dr. Winnie Tang (center in blue) with runners and walkers from Esri China (HK).



CyberRun for Rehab is co-organized by the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation (HKSR) and Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited. It aims at heightening public awareness of healthy living by running or walking, and raising funds to support rehabilitation training and arise public awareness on children with special needs in Hong Kong and Mainland China.


For instance, the funds raised last year was used to facilitate the development of rehabilitation services in Mainland China including Jiangxi, Hainan, Ningxia, Gansu, etc. Other than face to face training program and clinical supervision, the organizer requested trainees to have case follow up and it cultivate good trainees by providing them opportunities to teach, observe and attach in other work units, with the aim to enhance their analytical and teaching skills. And such second level training would further strengthen the rehabilitation program locally.


This year, Esri China (HK) continued providing our support and Dr. Winnie Tang, Founder and Chairman of the company, also took part in the meaningful event alongside our fellow colleagues. Many of them have brought their young ones along to show their support.


CyberRun Mobile App can record users’ running and walking activities.



What’s more, Esri China (HK) gave our technology support by developing a “CyberRun Mobile GIS App” (iOS version and Android Version) and a “2016 CyberRun for Rehab Story Map”. Both the mobile app and the story map helped the participants to get familiar of the event, by showing route information, scenic spots and checkpoints along the way, and transportation information. In particular, the mobile app provides a simple and user-friendly interface to record users’ running and walking activities even after the event. At the backend, the map interface also helped the organizer to monitor the real-time situation, making sure that the runners and walkers were following the right route and the event was going on smoothly.


The Story Map for 2016 CyberRun for Rehab.



The event was enlightened by the "spirit of inclusion" as everyone participated with the kindred spirits of mutual support, care for community, and team spirit barring all physical differences in abilities and strengths.


Esri China (HK) takes social responsibility as an integral part of its business. The company's enduring slogan "GIS: Serving Our World", and its actions over the years demonstrate this. We will continue inherit this excellent corporate culture in caring our local community with the spirit of "To give is more blessing than to receive".