Esri China (HK) Chairman Shared Insights

about Smart Cities


Dr. Tang introduced the futuristic Smart Mobility applications shown in CES 2017.



Dr. Winnie Tang, Chairman and Founder of Esri China (HK) shared the latest developments of GIS technologies for Smart Cities as keynote speaker in the Ericsson Networked Society Day on 24th January 2017.



Esri China (HK) demonstrated Smart Applications powered by GIS technology.



Dr. Tang elaborated the importance of GIS technology in developing and managing Smart Cities and also shared many examples across the world including LA GeoHub. In addition, she also introduced the latest Esri-powered Smart Mobility applications, which have been shown in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, to the attendees.


The talk was well received and the participants couldn’t wait to experience the innovative Smart City applications and services and enjoy their benefits.