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See What Other Can’t in Dinghy Race for Charity

Sai Kung based Hebe Haven Yacht Club has been organizing an important event "24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race" since 2002. This raises significant funds for charities all over Hong Kong. Some participants with disability also sail in the event, which makes it more meaningful for everyone.



The "24 Hour Charity Dinghy Race" was held from 5-6 October 2019 in Hebe Haven, Sai Kung.



To enable the organizer to see what others can’t, Esri China (HK) provided GIS technology support and training on Collector for ArcGIS and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS to the officers who oversaw the safety boats at the event. With the ArcGIS tools, the safety officer of the event is able to have a complete overview of the position of the safety boats on a map, so that a swift action can be taken to call the nearest safety boat to save a nearby dinghy in trouble. In the past, it has not been possible to locate the position of all safety boats instantly and on the spot.



A dashboard showed the locations of all safety boats on a single map.




The organizer is planning to apply the GIS technology further. For example, each racing yacht can be equipped with a mobile device to send and receive GPS signals. This will enable each racing boat to be tracked live in real time. Not only can this be used to bring the excitement of the racing back to shore so that is visible live on the screen in the club house, but it will also have the benefit of tracking a boat that runs into difficulties and drifts into danger. The software can also be used to speed up the process of setting or adjusting the course which can be very time consuming. Esri China (HK) has committed to continuing this amazing work with Sai Kung Hebe Haven Yacht Club. Their initiative is so well matched with the power of GIS — See What Others Can’t.




A massive amount of manual work was involved in tracking each dinghy on the race course for 24 hours.