Esri China (HK) Website Refreshed

GIS professionals, users and friends who open the website of Esri China (Hong Kong) every day may have a pleasant surprise in early August. It pops up with a modern and refreshingly new look!




A better website of Esri China (HK) for local GIS enthusiasts.



For years, the official website of Esri China (Hong Kong) has provided abundant information about GIS including Market News, Technology Updates, Case Studies and Event Information to Hong Kong and Macau audiences. The new design of the website is in line with that of Esri Inc. ( and features bigger and clearer graphics, simpler structure, friendlier user interface and easier navigation. It is also more mobile-friendly so that the website outlook can adapt to various screen sizes when viewing with mobile phones or tablets.


The website of Esri China (Hong Kong) will continue to serve as an important platform for local people who are interested in maps and GIS by conveying valuable messages and allowing in-depth interactions. Feedbacks and comments about the website are welcome by clicking here.